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    Hide and Seek Rules ;)


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    Hide and Seek Rules ;) Empty Hide and Seek Rules ;)

    Post by Star on Tue Nov 01, 2016 5:51 am

    sunny HELLO ALL! sunny
    sunny Here are the rules for Star's Hide and Seek Game! sunny


    1. NO GLIDING to your hiding spot. If you can't reach it by running/jumping there, you can't hide there! You are NOT allowed to use Jump Pads!! You can, however, use a glider as an emergency lifesaver after a jump. Razz

    2. STAY WHERE YOU ARE. When you get to your spot of choice, you are not allowed to switch to a different spot! You must stay there until you are found or until you win!

    3. You have LIMITED TIME to find your hiding spot! If you haven't found one at time up, you will have 30 extra seconds to find a spot and stay there. Good luck!

    4. When the seeker has found you, you must Exclamation ANNOUNCE Exclamation that you have been found! You will then HELP THEM find the rest of the hiders!*

    *If you know the location of other hiders, you can choose whether to keep it a secret or compromise their position! Generally, it's good Hide and Seek etiquette to keep each other's known positions a secret from the Seekers. Wink

    5. NO emotes (like /sit or /sleep)! NO tonics, except on special occasion.


    1. To "find" someone, you cannot just see them from across the map, you must go to their location and be next to them find to secure your find.
    Exclamation Announce Exclamation that you have found them and they should announce that they have been found by you too!

    2. Every hider you find becomes a part of your seeker team!

    3. The FIRST ROUND seekers will be randomly chosen. (Or volunteers!) Wink

    4. BUG: Sometimes guild members and party members will still appear on the map, if this happens please RE-LOG (F12 -> Character Select). If it does not fix, please make your mini-map as small as possible to minimize an accidental cheat! Wink

    5. You may GLIDE to navigate, but remember everyone is in a spot that doesn't require gliding to get to.

    6. Please TURN OFF all Player Names in your Options (F11)!

    Hide and Seek Rules ;) Gw09010


    1. UN-REP! You heard that right! You must be NOT representing the guild for this activity, as you will always be revealed on the map for guildies if you do!

    2. Be sure [DAWN] Guild is filtered to be ON in your chatbox! Since you are not Representing, incorrect settings could mean you won't be able to see the guild's chat. When hiding in the Guild Hall, you may still use Map chat to communicate with everyone there. Smile

    Hide and Seek Rules ;) Chat_o10

    3. You may use Movement Speed/Swiftness Buffs to help you run along quicker! However, there is to be NO glitching/teleporting/self-launching to unreachable places!

    Like a Star @ heaven HOW TO LOSE: Be found! Like a Star @ heaven
    Like a Star @ heaven HOW TO WIN: Be found last, or never be found! Like a Star @ heaven 

    Exclamation TIME LIMITS: Exclamation 
    Depending on the size of the area, the time limit is subject to change!

    Please stay within the designated areas for hiding! Smile 

    Depending on the amount of people we have, next round seekers will be the first 1-3 people who were found in the last round. Wink

    Situational Rules

    These rules will be in place occasionally! We will always let you know when they are active in a round. Smile

    - No Rooftops
    - Tonics Are Allowed

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