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    Item & Gold Donations


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    Item & Gold Donations Empty Item & Gold Donations

    Post by Star on Sun Nov 08, 2015 11:17 pm

    Gold Donations

    We accept gold donations through the Guild Stash, which is only available to Full Accounts (not free-to-play).
    The gold you donate stays in the stash and goes toward hosting events such as parties, lottery, and contests!
    Often times, the gold is used for upgrades in the guild hall.

    Item Donations

    We take item donations for the lottery & for Scribing and these are to be sent to Shadow! (ShadowsBlade.7463)
    Alternatively, you can drop them into the top Guild Stash for safekeeping. Smile

    Items You May Donate:
    - Exotic Weapons (Lvl 80)
    - Any number of crafting materials we may need

    Gem Donations

    We accept Gem donations in the form of gem card codes only.
    The codes are written and sent to one of the Leaders via in-game mail. (ShadowsBlade.7463 or UntouchedStarlight.4701)

    We use the gems as lottery prizes, or we convert them to gold to use for upgrades in the guild hall and other guild activities.

    Remember that you are NOT required to donate, but if you want to, you know how now!
    Thank you!


    If I donate to the lottery, am I still allowed to enter the lottery?

    Yes! You may still enter the lottery.

    Will my gold be stolen by other members if it is in the stash?

    Absolutely not. The only people who may Withdraw Gold from the Guild Stash are the two leaders, Star and Shadow (and other highly trusted Wardens).

    I want to donate but I can't send items/gold because I have a free-to-play account! What do I do?

    You may not be able to donate to the guild stash, but you may still donate to the Guild Treasury! Click here to learn more about donating to the Guild Treasury.

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