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    Our Roots & Mission!


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    Our Roots & Mission! Empty Our Roots & Mission!

    Post by Star on Wed Mar 02, 2016 1:38 am

    Ascendants of Dawn [DAWN] began as a small group of friends joining Guild Wars 2 in the fall season of 2015. Since it's creation, the two leaders, Shadow and veteran Star, have been working diligently to bring together a friendly and chill community. [DAWN] is a very laid-back guild, with focuses on PvE and a little bit of PvP and WvW.

    Established by friendship, [DAWN] strives to be supportive of every member and encourages respect. We believe that Guild Wars 2 is not called an MMO (massive multiplayer online) game so that you can play all alone. Our guild allows all people, with no requirements other than being respectful towards others. [DAWN] has since grown into a guild of 100+ members, and we are very proud to call each and every one of our members a part of our family!

    Original Circle:
    UntouchedStarlight (Star)
    ShadowsBlade47 (Shadow)
    Momonga (Momo)
    Cirtori (Cherno)

    Group of friend got together and made a guild. We're chill people and we love you.

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