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    Officer Duties


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    Officer Duties Empty Officer Duties

    Post by Star on Sun Nov 08, 2015 9:53 pm

    Here is a guide to being an officer (Warden or Representative) of the guild!

    You are encouraged and expected to:

    - Handle recruiting/invitations correctly and responsibly.
    - Know the guidelines of the guild.
    - Work with the leaders to set-up and manage events.
    - Represent the guild in a respectful manner.
    - Be respectful to all guild members.
    - Report to leaders about players in the guild who have been disruptive.
    - Be an active member of the guild.*


    Exclamation Over TWO consecutive weeks of inactivity (no log-ins) WITHOUT NOTICE will earn you a strike. You will gain 1 Strike once per extended absence without notice. 
    Exclamation You have 2 Strikes before you are demoted one rank down.

    See all officer strikes here: Ascendants of Dawn [DAWN] Officer's Roster

    You are expected and encouraged to:

    Like a Star @ heaven Attend guild missions on a regular basis. (At least two times a month is optimal.)
    Like a Star @ heaven Notify leaders of upcoming inactive periods of time via in-game PM/mail, Discord #guild-office, or the forums.
    Like a Star @ heaven Notify leaders if you must miss Guild Missions/Events for any reason. Smile

    *11/12/2016 changes regarding inactivity. Only applies to future and currently Active (within the past two weeks) Representatives or Wardens as of November 12, 2016.

    Handling Recruiting:

    - If you create an ad that lists features, be sure the features are correct.
    - Invite players if they wish to be invited. Do not spam invites to random players.
    - Ask the player if they wish to have a nickname in the guild chat and be sure it is not a taken name. (Send Mail to the leaders with this info. Smile )
    - Encourage the player to visit: for our guidelines (not rules) page.
    - Announce their arrival in the guild chat and welcome them! Smile

    What is the difference between a Warden and a Representative?

    A Warden acts as a Leader of the guild when the Leaders are offline. They hold almost every privilege that the Leader holds and must be able to manage the guild appropriately like the guild leaders would.

    A Representative is an officer of the guild who simply helps the leaders in managing the guild.

    How do I become a Representative?
    To become a Representative, you just have to prove your commitment to the guild. You can do this by participating in the guild chat, helping out with guild missions, participating in other guild events, or making donations to the guild. You may ask the leaders for a position as an officer when you feel you are ready to give that commitment. Leaders will occasionally ask YOU if you'd like to be an officer if they notice your activity within the guild. Smile

    How do I become a Warden?
    To become a Warden, you must have been a Representative first. The Leaders will decide when you are ready to become a Warden.

    How do I become a Leader?
    By some stroke of luck, Star or Shadow will decide when it is your time to join them in royalty! Wink

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