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    Lottery for the Month of September (CLOSED)


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    Lottery for the Month of September (CLOSED) Empty Lottery for the Month of September (CLOSED)

    Post by Star on Sun Sep 11, 2016 5:52 pm

    Like a Star @ heaven Hello Ascendants! Like a Star @ heaven 

    Welcome to this month's edition of DAWN lottery! Smile

    To enter, answer the following question:

    What's your best GW2-related theory you've come up with?
    (It can be any kind of theory!)

    Be sure to give your in-game name or username so we can send over these great prizes. Wink


    1st Place - 25 Gold
    2nd Place - 20 Gold
    3rd Place - 15 Gold

    Randomly drawn winners will be selected on September 30th at Server Reset Time.
    Any entries after Server Reset on that date will be void.

    - Star <3 Much love!

    For more info on donating, visit our donation info page. Smile

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    Lottery for the Month of September (CLOSED) Empty Re: Lottery for the Month of September (CLOSED)

    Post by Campy on Sun Sep 11, 2016 7:15 pm

    My theory is that ANet watched a bit to much Yu-Gi-Oh when they were making this game and based the entire Asuran race around Seto Kaiiba's ego. This explains why most if not all Asurans have their own company. This also explains why they all have a Napoleon complex.

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    Lottery for the Month of September (CLOSED) Empty Where is Mordremoth's body? SPOILERS

    Post by Alranz on Sun Sep 11, 2016 8:51 pm

    So we've been through the Maguuma Jungle, faced the Mouth of Mordremoth, and even battled him inside his consciousness. But we really haven't seen his real body, why is that?

    Here's why for me...

    Rather than thinking Mordremoth is a single entity, think as if everything that we've faced so far is "him". He's that damn archer that's been downing you always, he's the very floor of the Maguuma jungle that runs tendrils wherever you'll be. He sees you always as you see him too (you just don't realize it). Basically all mordrem is Mordremoth himself. That is why physically killing him is damn impossible (aside from the strength boost he gets from ley lines) and the only way of killing him is through inside his mind.

    I dunno if you already know this or not but sometimes people argue about who really is mordremoth in the DS meta so heh... top kek yo

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    Lottery for the Month of September (CLOSED) Empty Theory

    Post by shadowsrunner on Wed Sep 14, 2016 9:24 pm

    Anet is secretly putting spies in all guilds to find out what they can do to better the game and then sometimes do the EXACT opposite.

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    Lottery for the Month of September (CLOSED) Empty Theory

    Post by alyrianna on Fri Sep 16, 2016 3:41 pm

    So my theory is pretty straightforward, and very similar to the Zendikar story from Magic the Gathering.

    Basically, the reason the human gods are gone is becasue they are the Elder Dragons. When the Dragons went to sleep, their powers faded, and their image was warped into the images we have today.

    Alternatively, the gods became corrupted and became the Elder Dragons.

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    Lottery for the Month of September (CLOSED) Empty Re: Lottery for the Month of September (CLOSED)

    Post by rinny218 on Sat Sep 17, 2016 9:53 pm

    life is a trial, koda the judge and kodan the jury
    my theory!!!

    Jae Hyo Min

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    Lottery for the Month of September (CLOSED) Empty Re: Lottery for the Month of September (CLOSED)

    Post by Colt on Thu Sep 22, 2016 2:55 am

    I dont know anything about gw2 since i skip the story but ive always wondered about the dragons like jormag for example. I wonder who picks up his shit; I magine he has to take a shit and its probably enormous so someone has to pick it up but who? Maybe its those polar bear people that's why they are aholes. When u talk to them in frostgorge they always answer in riddles or say "i greet u like the sky greets the ocean" i mean what a bunch of dicks. Maybe they are like that cuz they gotta shovel dragon shit everyday. Well thats my theory.

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    Lottery for the Month of September (CLOSED) Empty Re: Lottery for the Month of September (CLOSED)

    Post by Cymmric.AKA.Toni on Tue Sep 27, 2016 5:51 pm

    My theory is that the developers ran out of caffeine too early while they were making the playable races and panicked. They needed a fourth race desperately! With no coffee or caffeine to help guide them they sucked up to another loss in function-able thinking and made the "Norn." Finally with this decision made in haste. They could go get their next fix! CAFFEINE!

    Theory provided by Cymmric the bumbling Guardian (Toni)

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    Lottery for the Month of September (CLOSED) Empty Spoopy Mordremoth Theory

    Post by potatomadds on Thu Sep 29, 2016 12:51 am

    Sort of a theory, not exactly likely.

    I had the idea that maybe the Mordrem are like grunts, the expendable group that wasn't perfected. Mordremoth created them to be the army that kept him safe in his own territory. In reality his true servants are the nightmare court: They strayed from the Dream and turned towards the a darker side, which is when Mordremoth would have come in. They're still intelligent sylvari, but while Tyria is focused on the Mordrem they will be placing themselves throughout Tyria unnoticed, and Mordremoth will have a group on the inside.

    -Maddie, my tag is FirestormTempest

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    Lottery for the Month of September (CLOSED) Empty Re: Lottery for the Month of September (CLOSED)

    Post by Admirae on Thu Sep 29, 2016 11:07 pm

    I have a theory related to Living World Season 3 - CONTAINS SPOILERS - if you haven't played it yet!!

    LWS3 Spoilers below - click to see:

    Since Jormag and Primordus awakened at the same time, I believe they are essentially working together. Maybe they can somehow communicate through the Ley Line energy that Mordremoth left behind when he died. We all know that Mordremoth can communicate essentially telepathically, right? The dragons we've seen so far (Zhaitan, Mordremoth) have seemed relatively independent in their strive for power, but why couldn't two dragons work together? Smile Just a little theory I think about sometimes.

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    Lottery for the Month of September (CLOSED) Empty Re: Lottery for the Month of September (CLOSED)

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